Peet’s Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster and retailer, based in San Francisco Bay Area, is owned by JAB Holding Company.

In 1966, Peet’s Coffee was founded by Alfred Peet in Berkeley, California.

It offers dark roasted Arabica coffee in blends that include French Roast and espresso-friendly grades.

Peet’s sells freshly roasted beans, brewed coffee, espresso drinks, and bottled cold brews. Peet’s was the first American LEED Gold Certified roastery to open in 2007. Peet’s coffee can be found in more than 14,000 grocery stores throughout the USA.

Peet’s Coffee started out in a small San Francisco coffee shop and was not known as a specialty coffee Roaster until sometime around 1983 when it began to be sold in grocery stores and began to become known as a premium gourmet coffee brand.

Peet’s Coffee by Alfred Peet became known because of the very roasting it uses. Unlike other gourmet coffee offerings that use high heat, Peet’s uses the traditional method of roasting coffee wherein the beans are left on a hot plate to roast.

This is an important aspect of the Peet’s Coffee brand that sets it apart from many of its competitors. The method of roasting the beans allows them to retain much of the original flavor of the coffee than other premium offerings. This is what has made Peet’s Coffee a top-selling offering for years.

About Alfred Peet

Alfred Peet was born in the Netherlands. His father ran a coffee wholesaler and coffee bean grindery. Peet learned from his father how to grind and roast coffee. At the age of 18, He left his home to work for Twinings, a coffee and tea company in London. Before moving to San Francisco, he spent time in New Zealand and Indonesia and worked as a coffee and tea importer.

Peet’s Coffee in San Francisco

Peet’s Coffee has expanded to the Bay Area, and it’s located in San Francisco’s SOMA district. It can be found at a number of locations, including the Ferry building and The Ferry Building on the Embarcadero.

This is in addition to two other locations in the San Francisco Bay area, including the Ferry District at the San Francisco International Airport and the Embarcadero at the Port of San Francisco.

This is just part of the expanding offering of Peet’s Coffee in the Bay Area. It’s also available at many hotels in the area as well as at various restaurants and ice cream shops.

Peet’s Coffee at the Ferry building

Peet’s Coffee at the Ferry building was a location that was in operation for only a short time before closing. However, it was rather popular so many people were able to pick up a cup at the Ferry building after catching a flight home from San Francisco.

The reason it was so popular is that it offered such a great coffee. Other popular stops include The International Airport, the Ferry Building, and The Van Buren Hotel at Pier 1.

All three of these stops make a great stop for travelers on Iberian flights as well as those who are traveling from international airports around the world.

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