How long does cold brew coffee last inside the fridge? The answer is around 10 to 12 days (max). It also depends on how much of the caffeine was dissolved when you brewed the coffee. Remember that you will have to deal with the coffee’s flavor. However, storing the coffee in an air-tight container will also help preserve its flavor.

Nowadays, coffee lovers are more inclined to experiment with different types of coffee drinks. Of all the latest additions to the coffee world, cold brew is in the top place!

Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold brewed coffee has a unique flavor that most drinkers enjoy. It has a smooth, mellow taste, and its flavor does not get bitter when it is freshly ground. That’s why many prefer to have this type of coffee in their fridge.

Change in the Taste

If you buy coffee that is still fresh after a day or two in the fridge, it will last for quite some time. However, stale coffee can go wrong after just a few days in the refrigerator if it is left sitting on a shelf. If you store coffee that is stale in the fridge, it will not taste its best.

When you purchase coffee beans, they are ground a day or two ahead. It means if the coffee was ground just yesterday, you could expect to have about an entire week’s worth of coffee left.

If you drink stale coffee, the beans will go stale as soon as they are ground. That means after just a week of being in the refrigerator, you will notice a change in the taste of your coffee. That is because the freshness of the beans is gone.

How to Make Sure If Coffee Is Still Fresh

An excellent way to make sure your coffee stays fresh in the fridge for as long as possible is to store it in the dark. If you keep your coffee in the dark, it will remain fresher longer. You do not want to let it sit in a partial state of partial light because that can cause the caffeine to evaporate faster than it can be extracted from the bean.

Storing coffee in a dark jar or container with no cover will keep it dark for up to 12 hours. If you are keeping your coffee in a container that has a lid on it, you should move it, so it is partially covered at all times.

Be Aware of Caffeine

If you drink your coffee cold, you should know that caffeine levels rise after the cup has been brewed. It means that you should consistently brew your coffee fresh and avoid storing it in the fridge.

If you must use the fridge to store your coffee, you should take steps to minimize the shelf life of the concentrate by avoiding open or closed coffee bottles.

Retaining The Original Flavor

In addition to retaining the original flavor, the longer the beans sit in the fridge, the less chance of them tasting stale. It means that you might find that you will have to try different brands of coffee before you find one that tastes good in your coffee maker.


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