Eight O’clock Coffee is one of the most popular coffee brands in America. It has been around since 1919 and for a good reason!

They offer a variety of blends to suit any taste preference. It is one of the cheapest big brands, and also one of the best. The price is phenomenal.

100% Arabica Coffee, Kosher Certified, and the perfect brand with premium quality. It has a winey note and a smoky and elegant aroma, with a full-bodied flavor.

All roasting process is done at their manufacturing facility located in Maryland, United States. It delivers fruity and sweet notes that have an equilibrating finish.

It topped tasting tests and cost less than half of some brands, including Peet’s Coffee and Gloria Jean’s.

If you are a coffee lover, then you definitely need to try out the Eight O’clock Coffee.

Eight O’clock Coffee Review

How Does it Taste

This Coffee actually tastes great and stays consistent time after time. It’s so smooth, refreshing, and not bitter. Also, it has a fresh and very bright, not burnt flavor.

It is delicious and has an authentic hazelnut flavor, and it doesn’t taste like artificial chemicals.

How to Brew Eight O’Clock Coffee

Grinding Instructions:

  1. Set the grinder to your desired coffee grind.
  2. Open the bag and then pour the contents into the grinder.
  3. Place the empty bag underneath the spout.
  4. Grind beans, and then close the bag tightly.
At home:

To ensure freshness, you should grind just enough beans peruse.

Brewing instructions:

Measure around 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for 6 fl. oz. of cold and fresh water. Adjust the taste to your liking.

How to Keep it Fresh?

To keep it fresh:

  1. Store it in a dry, cool area.
  2. Don’t store in refrigerator or freezer.
  3. Keep the bag tightly closed or move it into an airtight and opaque container.

How Much Caffeine

Each serving contains around 85mg of caffeine, and alert includes 110mg. The Coffee is mixed with additional caffeine and guarana.

Packaging and Availability

Eight O’Clock Coffee is widely available in grocery stores and online, making it easily accessible to a broad audience.

It comes in a variety of packaging formats, including whole bean and pre-ground, allowing consumers to choose their preferred method of preparation.

The brand’s signature red packaging is instantly recognizable, adding to its classic appeal.

Value for Money

Eight O’Clock Coffee’s affordability is one of its key selling points. Despite its low price, the brand doesn’t compromise on quality.

This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious coffee enthusiasts who still want a decent cup of coffee without spending a fortune.

Quality and Sourcing

Eight O’Clock Coffee prides itself on using high-quality Arabica beans. The brand sources beans from various regions, ensuring a consistent flavor profile across its blends.

While it doesn’t focus heavily on specialty-grade coffee or exotic sourcing, it delivers a reliable product that meets the expectations of mainstream coffee drinkers.

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