If you are an RV adventure lover, taking a delicious coffee cup is essential. Taking French press, pure coffee, pour-over, and classic drip is the habit of most of us, but when these machines fail to adjust in our RV kitchen, we feel disappointed. In this situation, buying the best non-electric coffee maker for RV is necessary.

Our team has researched well and shortlisted 9 Best Coffee Maker for Small RV. These coffee makers have an auto shut-off feature, one-button operation, dishwasher-safe travel mug, and easy prices.

9 Best Coffee Maker for Small RV

1 – Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker

If you want to buy a coffee maker that can hit all requirements of RV parameters, we will recommend you to buy Hamilton Beach 49979 Single-Serve Coffee Maker. Brewing with all types of pods, this coffee maker has the following features.

Stylish Design

This Black and Chrome colors coffee maker comes with a compact design with 3.22 pounds weight and 9.92 x 13.07 x 6 inches dimensions, while its coffee-making capacity is 0.41 Liters.

The coffee maker is so convenient and fast that you can brew multiple coffee cups in 3 Minutes. It also provides 14 Oz Travel Mug quickly.

Convenience Brewing

This low-wattage coffee maker for RV comes with convenience for all coffee-making processes. You can brew delicious coffee with simple steps such as scoop, placing the cup, and brewing. You can brew any taste with your coffee beans.

The front basket catches beans and provides you with bold and delicious coffee within no time. A top flips open and receives the coffee grounds.

Compatible with All Pods

This Best coffee maker for small RVs comes with the best feature and is compatible with all types of pods. It provides the best single-serving brew process at a very low cost. If you want to get rid of standard pods, use K pods to provide a convenient brewing process.

With one pod pack, you can brew10 Oz while brewing a 14 Oz Travel Mug with your coffee grounds.

  • Start Brewing In a Snap
  • View window and water reservoir
  • Removable Parts for Cleaning
  • Cup Rest with Storage Area
  • 1-year warranty only

2 – Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

If you want to buy a small coffee maker at the mid-range price for your RV experience, we recommend buying Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

Slim Design

The slim coffee maker comes with a Black color compact design that can hold 4 cups while made of lasting plastic material. Its sleek and attractive design makes it perfect for taking with an RV adventure.

It is the perfect option for vacation rentals and hotel rooms. It fits perfectly in your RV luggage and small kitchen with less than 5” wide, 18 x 15 x 8 inches dimensions, and 1 pound weight.

Water Reservoir

The fast operation of coffee making and fresh-brewed process in minutes makes camping much easier. It comes with 46 ounce Removable reservoir with that you can brew 4 cups of 8oz cup size.

It can brew 3-cup sizes of 8, 10, or 12-ounce cups, and a push of a button provides you with such delicious cups.

Travel-Friendly Mug

You can make this Keurig plus single-serve k-mini coffee maker for RV can make 7.0” tall travel mug. A full accidental brew takes very less energy during the brewing process.

After 5 minutes of making coffee, the coffee maker shuts down, saves your energy, and makes brewing easy. It is compatible with the k cup universal process.

  • Travel-friendly mug
  • Multiple cup reservoir
  • Fast and fresh-brewed
  • K cup universal fit
  • Short cord

3 – Mr Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 2129512, 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker

Mr coffee, as its name shows, it provides everything perfect for making coffee. One of its perfect items is Mr. Coffee 2129512 Coffee Maker.

Perfect Design for RVs

This Mr. Coffee machine comes with a compact design that perfectly fits RV’s small spaces. The black, plastic-made coffee maker comes with 7.3 x 9.9 x 10.7 inches dimensions and 3.1 pounds weight.

The updated ergonomic carafe design makes the brewing process easy, and the pouring process is perfect. You can measure the water quantity with perfection.

Very Easy to Use

This best RV coffee maker 2022 comes with very easy-to-use features. The one-button control makes brewing a simple process. The Pause feature allows you to grab one cup, pour it, and brew the next cup with ease.

Auto shut features power off the coffee maker after two hours of inactivity if you forget to shut it off the coffee maker. Such a simple brewing process provides you peace of mind.

Some Perfect Features for RV

Mr coffee provides some convenient features that make it awesome for RV. Such as, it contains a water window that makes the view of water quantity very easy. It prevents water from flowing out of the machine.

The lift and clean filter basket make the cleaning process breeze. The last awesome feature is its multiple cups brewing process; you can make 25 oz. of coffee for 5 cups, 12-oz. two cups of coffee, and indicator lights that warn you about the brewing process.

  • Auto shut-off features
  • Easy pouring and handling
  • Grab-a-Cup Auto Pause
  • Easy-to-view water window
  • Faulty design

4 – Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

If you want to buy a stylish coffee maker that can handle the fast brewing process but takes every little space, no brand can compete with Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker.

High-End Design

This best coffee maker comes with an Oasis color that attracts anyone at its first look. Such a sleek design of the coffee maker makes it easy to keep the coffee maker in any space or occasion.

The 5.94 Pounds weight makes it a breeze to carry a coffee maker with your RV trips. It contains 6.1 x 13.6 x 14.7 inches areas, so storing this coffee maker is also relatively easy.

Perfect Mini Brewer

This best coffee maker for off-grid comes with a simple brewing design. It can brew any size of the cup from 6 to 12. The brewing process of this mini coffee maker is simple, with one cup press on pods. You need to place a pod, add water and brew it with a one-touch system.

Your fast and freshly brewed coffee will be ready in minutes. The cord storage system fits perfectly for easy transport and tidy countertops.

Travel-Friendly Coffee Maker

We will recommend it for travel lovers as all its features make it travel-friendly. Such as, the auto shut-off feature saves energy during RVs, and the portable size makes the storing of coffee makers easy.

At the same time, you can brew any beverage, such as tea, cocoa, iced coffee, and black coffee. A 7.0 inches tall travel-friendly mug prevents you from buying an extra cup and holding much coffee inside.

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy brewing process
  • Travel-friendly mug
  • Simple cleaning process
  • A reusable filter is not the best

5 – Secura French Press Coffee Maker

Secura French Press Coffee Maker

There are many chances to break off plastic coffee makers during RVs and camping. That’s why many people want to find a coffee maker that can withstand them in any environment.

In this regard, our best recommendation is Secura French Press Coffee Maker.

Lasting Design

This stainless steel-colored coffee maker comes with a silver design. With 2.4 pounds, this 12-volt coffee maker for RV is the perfect option in a small kitchen. The super feature of this coffee maker is top-quality 18/10 stainless steel that makes it perfect for interior and exterior look.

3 Layered Filter Process

This Best coffee maker for small RV comes with three-layered stainless steel that provides 3 layered filter process.

When coffee passes from these 3 layers, its taste becomes rich and unique because it extracts an exceptional full-bodied flavor from coffee beans. After making delicious tea, cleaning this Secura Stainless-steel coffee maker is quite easy.

Thermal Retention

The double-wall construction with 18/10 stainless steel provides thermal retention for an efficient coffee brewing system.

Though the internal process offers the best heat system, the extra handles of the coffee maker remain calm all the time, so pouring becomes so easy.

Such a heat retention process instantly makes the fresh and unique taste of coffee that stays hot for a long time.

  • Cool-touch handle
  • 3-layered Stainless steel
  • Bonus stainless steel filter
  • Superior thermal retention
  • Only 30 days return policy

6 – Presto Coffee Maker

Presto Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

The coffee lover will never want to compromise their taste during the journey and RV. That’s why Presto Stainless Steel Coffee Maker will never disappoint you during RVs. 

High-End Design

This best non-electric coffee maker for RV comes with Stainless Steel material, and its silver color looks perfect.

Though the design is traditional, it looks elegant, and the easy pouring system makes it perfect. The Luxurious stainless steel construction provides lasting beauty and an easy cleaning process.

Great Taste

The stainless steel inner quality construction helps you make rich and flavorful coffee with lasting heat. It piped heat automatically to make 2 to 12 cups of delicious coffee in one minute.

After making it, it keeps coffee hot for several hours without wasting energy. Such super coffee-making features make it perfect for camping.

Intelligent Features

This Best coffee maker for small RV comes with many intelligent features. The filter basket and perk tube make the filtration of coffee best by providing smooth coffee.

After the coffee will ready, lights inform you through indicator lights. The removable power cord of the coffee maker makes storing and cleaning the coffee maker much simple.

  • Signal light
  • A cup-a-minute rate
  • Great-tasting coffee
  • Piping-hot serving temperature
  • One-year limited warranty

7 – Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

Keuring needs no introduction for coffee lovers as it offers a unique taste of coffee at home and RVs. Have a look at Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker.

A Super Design

The charcoal color of coffee makers is rare in common coffee makers. With 13.19 pounds weight and 17.32 x 14.17 x 14.41 inches dimensions, this coffee maker has remained sturdy for years and provides delicious coffee in minutes.

Its smart start offers the best brewing system with one minute of heat up. You will not wait for the heat, and it will heat up instantly.

Simple Controls

This low-wattage coffee maker for RV comes with simple controls. After inserting the k cup pods, you can control the making of cappuccinos, hot or iced lattes, and perfect coffee with one button control.

A large 60oz water reservoir brews 6 cups instantly and makes your morning routine perfect with a delicious cup while you can fill the reservoir quickly with a refilling system.

Make all Coffee Types

This Keurig plus single-serve k-mini coffee maker for RV can make a latte, coffee, and cappuccinos. It can also adjust k cup pods to make lattes and coffee.

After two hours of the last coffee brewing, a programmable auto-off feature turns off the Keurig coffee maker. So, this entry-saving coffee maker is the perfect choice for RVs.

  • Smart start
  • Simple button controls
  • Energy-efficient coffee maker
  • Travel-friendly coffee maker
  • Further is not perfect

8 – Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee has been an excellent name for the high-quality taste of coffee Since 1970. Its machines focus on the delicious taste of coffee only. Check out Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Classic Design

This coffee maker comes with a classic design in black color, 3.6 Pounds weight, and 12.3 x 11.76 x 13.8 inches dimensions. It is a mixture of plastic and steel, while a plastic window in the design provides an overview of water and coffee quantity.

It uses 900 watts only, which means energy consumption with this coffee maker is too low.

Auto Systems

Everything in this coffee maker is automatic, from power on/off to indicator lights. After brewing the coffee, the coffee maker shows power lights that warn you brewing process is done. Then, it powers off automatically without burning your coffee.

This way, he’s you to brew perfect coffee, and Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause allows you to pour one cup and prepare the next coffee cup.

Easy to Clean

This best coffee maker for off-grid provides an easy coffee-making process, but the cleaning is also much simpler with its lift and clean filter basket. You can place coffee beans in it and then clean it with simple water. After cleaning, store it by removing the cord.

If you don’t want to make coffee with pods, you can use coffee powder and water to make perfect coffee.

  • Dual Water Window
  • Lift and clean the filter basket
  • Power On/Off Indicator Lights
  • Energy-saving system
  • No auto shut-off

9 – Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart 14 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Cuisinart 14 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker makes delicious beverages with simple temperature and flavor settings. Without sacrificing your taste, you will get delicious and perfect coffee in one minute.

Simple But Unique Design

The Cuisinart coffee maker comes with a Stainless Steel color and material. The stainless steel handle of the coffee maker provides an easy grip after the brewing process.

The coffee maker comes with 7.75 x 9 x 14 inches dimensions and 8.75 pounds weight. It can hold 236.6 Milliliters of Coffee, which means you can make 14 cups on this coffee maker in a very low time.

Fully Programmable

This Best coffee maker for a small RV is fully programmable. It provides swift control of the brewing process with a button push. You can make settings from 1 to 4 cups, brew starting, and more.

You can also read the remaining time of the coffee process on its display, and it begins to shut off automatically after a few minutes.

Hotter Coffee Technology

It comes with PerfecTemp Hotter Coffee Technology which is perfect Cuisinart technology. This technology helps you to brew a delicious cup at an ideal temperature.

Even if you brew a delicious cup after years of buying this coffee maker, its results will be more delicious and perfect every time.

A reusable gold-tone filter provides a great taste of coffee with its charcoal water filter.

  • 14-Cup capacity
  • Fully Programmable
  • 24-hour programmability
  • PerfecTemp Hotter Coffee Technology
  • Warranty Replacement pays extra


Best Coffee Makers for Small RV Buying Guide

Though budget and ease of use also demand attention, more options are also necessary before buying a 12-volt coffee maker for an RV. 

Water Reservoir

The people on RV demand small coffee makers that adjust perfectly in travel vehicles. Besides this, some people think they need a coffee maker with a large reservoir to make coffee for multiple uses. During the RV, you need to be active.

That’s why you need a large travel mug of coffee. That’s why buying a coffee maker with a large reservoir is necessary.

Brew Strength Controls

A light brew is good, but it is best to drink strong coffee to enjoy your travel. Rather than going to the plastic coffee maker, you need to buy a stainless steel coffee maker or percolator that can provide a strong coffee cup with high wattage.

Then, you want a bold brew or regular coffee, and it depends upon you.

Energy Saving Technology

The most coffee maker comes with Auto warm features and keeps your coffee all day warm, but it also sucks all your electricity. It would help if you bought a low-wattage coffee maker for RV that uses minimum energy and shuts off automatically after making the coffee.

Insulation Process

Though plastic coffee makers are good, they will be unable to hold the temperature of your coffee. Then buy a coffee maker that can control the temperature with Stainless steel water reservoirs.

A glass carafe or stainless steel carafe has water at a reasonable temperature compared to a plastic coffee maker so buy it for RV days.

Schedule Brewing

If you are not at home, it does not mean you can’t enjoy your scheduled coffee. The best coffee maker for semi-truck comes with proper brewing time, and you can buy a coffee maker within 24 hours of brewing time. After waking, you will adjust the k pod and enjoy delicious coffee.


Is the coffee maker will best during RV?

During RV, your space is so compact that a large coffee maker will take more space and energy. That’s why French press-style coffee makers will meet all your needs. These small coffee makers are much more convenient as providing a quick coffee cup with placing pod, heating water, and pouring it.

Which place is best to keep my coffee maker during RV?

Most people prepare a proper place for the kitchen during RV, but it is a problem for small RVs. But, you can place your coffee maker on the shelf and small countertops. The countertop spot is the best space for putting your coffee maker in small RVs.

What is the most reliable best coffee maker for a small RV?

A reliable coffee maker for small RV comes with a compact design, Auto systems, makes all coffee types, has Great taste, thermal retention, the best brewing process, Travel-friendly coffee mug brewing, and much more. With these, our recommended coffee maker is Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker.


That’s all about a coffee maker for a truck camper. You can buy any coffee maker for your RV adventure and enjoy your delicious coffee out of the home. We did maximum research and shortlisted top choices for you. Among all coffee makers, our top choice is Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker, while the second-best and easy budget choices are Secura French Press Coffee Maker.

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