Flat White and Caffe Latte are two of the most popular espresso-based drinks at cafes all over the world. But what is the difference between Flat White and Caffe Latte?

Caffe Latte:

Caffe Latte, also known as just latte, is an espresso-based drink. It’s an espresso-based coffee that includes 1-2 espressos along with lightly steamed cream.

It was customary to serve it in a tall glass, and It used to be served from a tall glass. But now, it’s becoming more common to serve it out of a larger glass.

Flat White:

The origins of flat-whites in Australia and New Zealand are up for debate. The flat white has been around in Australia since the 1980s. It has been featured on many menus in the US, UK, and elsewhere over the years and is now a common specialty cafe standard.

When Starbucks began offering flat whites as a bold alternative to latte in the US, flat whites became a mainstream drink.

Difference between Flat White and Caffe Latte:

First, you will notice the difference in size. A Latte should be about 250ml, while a Flat White should be around 150ml.

The latte is made with steamed milk and topped with foamed milk-sitting. Flat White is served with steamed milk and topped with a thin layer of steamed milk.

There is one thing that is common between a flat white and caffe latte but is different in cappuccino; the amount of foam. Flat white should have less foam, and cappuccino should contain more.

Final Thoughts

Caffe Latte and Flat-white both drinks have very similar milk textures. It has enough aeration for latte art but not enough that it becomes frothy.

Both drinks contain the same amount of espresso. This makes a huge difference in the strength and flavor of each drink.

Flat White is a stronger, more coffee-heavy beverage due to the higher ratio of coffee to milk.

A flat white is a good alternative to a latte if you like the subtle flavors of specialty coffee but prefer something dairy-free. Flat whites are less milky, so you can enjoy the full flavor profile of the beans.

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