What is Geisha Coffee? Why is it so Expensive?

Geisha coffee is also known as Gesha coffee. It is a type of coffee tree that is often called Gesha.

Don’t get confused because of the name. It may be more accurate if you call it Gesha, but it is still more commonly known as Geisha coffee.

Geishas are known for something entirely different from Gesha. That’s why many coffee lovers have advocated that the coffee be called Gesha in Panama.

Although it was initially grown in Ethiopia’s Gori Gesha forest, it can also be grown in other countries like Colombia. Many consider Geisha coffee to be the best-rated coffee in the world.

Why is Geisha Coffee Expensive?

Because of its unique cultivation conditions, it can be very expensive.

One reason that makes it unique is that this beverage is made from beans grown exclusively in Colombia. Coffee from the Andes mountains can only be produced on a single ranch. The beans are grown without any pesticides and without any chemicals at all.

This allows the drink to retain its natural flavor, aroma, and taste. That’s what makes this beverage one of the most expensive of all Colombian coffees. It can cost around $600 per kg and $110 per cup.

Dessert Geisha

Many coffee shops also serve “Dessert Geisha” – Coffee with added cream and sugar.

The creaminess is often the defining trait of a great-tasting coffee, and adding sugar to the coffee can help accentuate its flavor.

In addition to cream and sugar, milk and vanilla may also be added. While creme is a common flavor, most geisha will enjoy a touch of green tea, such as matcha.

Difference Between Geisha and Guarana Coffee

Guarana coffee is a stimulant and is an herbal tea. Individuals of all ages can take it.

It is not recommended for those people who are suffering from heart problems or high blood pressure.

Coffee made from guarana is a thick dark liquid that tastes like coffee with a hint of chocolate and is typically more robust than what is considered to be geisha coffee.


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