Cortado is relatively new to coffee shops, having only appeared on coffee shop boards in the last few decades. You may be wondering what a cortado actually is and how it differs from other coffee types. It is smaller in size so many people confuse it with a white flat. But, it’s really quite different.

Cortado coffee originated from Spain. Cortado is actually a Spanish word that means “chopped up”.

It is popular in Portugal and also in Latin America. It is often enjoyed as an afternoon treat.

This type of coffee is made with milk that has been lightly steamed and is not texturized like other coffee types. The top layer of steamed milk reduces acidity and produces a microfoam that doesn’t separate with the espresso. It gives the coffee a strong, rich flavor.

People who enjoy this delicious coffee drink love it because of the smooth taste, yet rich flavor that it provides.

Cortado and a Flat white Difference

The main difference between a cortado and flat white is Cortado is overall smaller than flat white. The lightly steamed milk gives it a strong rich taste. The flat white can also be compared to a small latte because it contains textured milk.

How to Make Cortado Coffee

You will need an espresso machine that has a milk frother to make cortado. 2-3oz of espresso and 2-3oz of lightly foamed milk is enough to make a cortado.

A non-dairy substitute for milk is possible but it will make it less delicious. We recommend whole milk but you could also use almond or coconut milk.

  • Measure espresso beans.
  • Grind your espresso beans.
  • Place the portafilter with your espresso grounds in the espresso machine.
  • Take 2 or 3 shots of espresso.
  • After you have extracted the espresso, steam your preferred milk.
  • Slowly pour the steamed milk onto your espresso.
  • Be sure that you are using 1:1 espresso to milk.
  • You’re done!

Cortados vs Latte

The cortados vs latte debate may be confusing. Both the cortados and the latte mix milk with the espresso. With a latte, however, the milk is steam steamed and has a high foam quotient. On the other hand, cortado only uses light steam.

Cortados vs Cappuccino

Cortados and the cappuccino both contain espresso and hot milk. The cappuccino is made up of 3 parts while the cortado contains just 2.

A cappuccino is a double shot espresso, followed by hot milk in the middle. The top is made of foamed milk. Cappuccino is also an excellent medium for artists to shine. They can create designs like a heart, leaf, or complex portraits using foamed milk.

Another difference it is small in size and cappuccinos are served in different sizes.

How to Enjoy Cortados

Cortado should only be sipped very slowly. It comes in a 5 to 6oz cup because of the high caffeine content. Many people enjoy drinking beverages such as latte or cafe lattes while relaxing at home. Taking a seat at a table with the lights dimmed and a cup of coffee in hand can be a soothing experience.

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