French Roast Coffee can be used to refer to another type of dark coffee. It is one of many names that are used to describe coffee.
A French roast is a name given to the color of the bean. It doesn’t mean that the beans are from France. It actually means that they are roasted to a French-known color (one that originated in France). Furthermore, it is a French style of roast.
It is sweetened with a smokey sweetness and sometimes has a charred flavor. It is very popular and a favorite choice for coffee lovers.
French Roast Coffee Taste
It has a strong flavor with a deep dark, rich smoky aroma, and a kind of pungent taste. It is much less acidic than lighter roasts, such as cinnamon light roast coffee.
This coffee often has a charcoal-like, charred taste, and has a more waterier mouthfeel than other coffees.
How is French Roast Coffee Roasted?
The beans are roasted until they turn dark brown. The internal temperature of the beans must be at least 450 °F. This is when the coffee beans have an oily sheen.
The second crack is the point at which the roast is completed. When the beans are roasted, they make a crackling sound.
The first is steam release. The second occurs when the cell walls of the beans are broken down and oils within them are released to move towards the beans’ surface.

Caffeine Content

People believe that beans with a dark roast have a higher caffeine level. But actually, lighter roast coffee is much more caffeine-rich.
Coffee beans that have been roasted for longer periods of time will contain less caffeine.

Is French Roast Bitter?

French roast beans can taste bitter, like other dark roasts. This is because of the carbonization of the bean’s fibers. This gives dark roasts a nice, smoky, charcoal-like taste that many people love.
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