The taste of coffee can be dependent on many different aspects, but one you may not have thought about is the quality of water. If your tap water has a lot of chlorine in it, then you probably notice that your coffee tastes different than when it’s made with filtered or bottled water. However, the water isn’t the only thing that makes your coffee watery.

9 Reasons Why Does Coffee Taste Watery

1 – Adding Too Much Milk

Coffee shops, especially those that serve lattes and cappuccinos, will often add a splash of milk to coffee drinks. This makes the drink taste creamier but also affects the thickness of it too.

So while you may have been adding just enough milk for your own preferences, if you’re using more than what they use, then it can make your coffee watery tasting.

That is because they are probably not putting as much milk in there, which gives their coffee a better flavor with less liquid volume.

2 – Adding Too Much Water

If you feel like making your own iced or cold brew at home, then this might be an option that sounds good to try out. The problem is most people don’t realize that too much water makes your coffee taste bad. 

This is because the cold brew method involves mixing a lot of ice with very little coffee, which means that there is not enough coffee in it to really give you any flavor.

In fact, if you use too much milk and water together, then this can make your drink watery tasting as well.

3 – Coffee Beans Can Make Your Coffee Taste Watery

If you have been buying pre-ground beans from the store lately, then they may be another reason why your iced drinks tastes so watered down.

The truth is most pre-ground coffees are only good for about a week after it’s opened before it starts going stale, but unfortunately, many people don’t realize this until their coffee no longer has any flavor.

So if you’re noticing that your coffee tastes watery, then it might be time to get some new beans and grind them yourself.

4 – Not Using Enough Coffee to Brew

If you are using a French Press or even an aero press to make your coffee, then you might be making it watery without realizing it. 

This is because both of these methods rely on a lot of coffee being used in order to extract all the flavor and produce a beverage that isn’t too watered down.

So if you’re just using one scoop for every cup of water, then you’re going to get something that’s pretty weak.

5 – Brewing Your Coffee Too Hot

Another reason why your coffee may taste watered down is that you’re brewing it too hot.

When coffee is brewed at very high temperatures, it can produce a bitterer and less flavorful drink.

This is because the compounds that give coffee its unique taste start to break down at high temperatures, which can make your cup of Joe pretty unappetizing.

6 – The Temperature of the Water or Milk

The temperature of the water or milk that you are using can also affect the thickness and flavor of your coffee.

For example, if you use boiling hot water, then it will extract more oils from the coffee beans, which will make your drink taste bitterer.

If you use cold or room temperature water instead, then it will take longer to extract all the flavors, which can make your coffee taste a little watered down.

7 – Not Brewing Your Coffee Enough

Brewing your coffee for too short of a time can also make it taste watery. 

This is because if the coffee isn’t given enough time to extract all of its flavors, then you will be left with a cup of beverage that doesn’t really have any taste to it.

So if you’re using a French Press or an Aero press and only letting the coffee sit for 30 seconds, then you’re going to get something that’s pretty weak.

8 – Using a Small Grind Size

If you’re using a small grind size, then this can also make your coffee taste watered down.

This is because if the grinds are too fine, they will release more of their oils and compounds, which can make your drink too thick or even bitter. 

So if you’re noticing that your coffee tastes watery, then it might be time to adjust the grind size that you’re using.

9 – Using Too Many Ice Cubes

If you’re using too many ice cubes, then this can make your coffee taste watered down.

This is because the more ice that you use, the less coffee there will be in your drink, which means that there will not be enough flavor to balance out the sweetness of the milk and sugar.

So if you’re noticing that your iced coffee tastes a little watery, then try using fewer ice cubes next time. It all boils down to the fact that you are not brewing your coffee right.

If your coffee is watery, it means you are making certain mistakes in the brewing process.

Final Words

These are the reasons why your coffee may taste watery. Try to correct those mistakes, and your coffee will never be watery again. Dirking watery coffee is a really bad experience, and it can ruin your entire day if your morning cup of Joe feels more like a cup of water rather than coffee.

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